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Arkor is an enemy most frequently found in Skytemple.


Alpha Lore (unlocked by killing Alpha variants)[]

Standard autonomous fixed-position anti-aggression Unit. Thanks in part the Arkor's novel swivel-joint and Endless Cannon, these Units have no room for any sort of targeting hardware. This frees them from the burden of having to aim at would-be victims before opening fire.

Beta Lore (unlocked by killing Beta variants)[]

You might be asking: "Who would design a modern artillery unit that doesn't know how to find its own targets and can't be moved?"

You'd be asking a fine question. Marketing loves that damn swivel-joint so much they don't bother mentioning the Endless Cannon anymore.

Gamma Lore (unlocked by killing Gamma variants)[]

I really just built this unit to gloat - to date, no other weapon system known to man creates an endless string of gravity-fearing projectiles, and I always thought that was neat. I pushed them through into the Project claiming they'd be ideal for testing Contractor mobility and defensive systems, but I really just like seeing them shoot.