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Brain Food Lunch
Brain Food Lunch.png
Max HP +2! Max NRG +4! Also, full NRG.
Type Augment
Unlock Cost 13 Soul Chips
Shop Cost 40 Nuts
+2 Maximum Health
+4 Maximum Energy
+<charged> Energy

Brain Food Lunch is an augment. When obtained, it increases the player's maximum health by 2 and maximum energy by 4, and restores them to full energy.

It can be found as a drop from Gold Chests. It can also be found in Shops with a price of 40 Nuts.


  • Brain Food Lunch works nicely with any Power-heavy build, as the instant recovery of energy allows the use of Powers more often.
  • Juiced Reserves pairs fairly nicely, as the large energy increase and full restore can serve a sizable boost to power strength.


  • Brain Food Lunch appears again in 30XX, being renamed to Cerebral Nourishment Meal.