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Creep is an enemy most frequently found in Frostor.


Alpha Lore (unlocked by killing Alpha variants)[]

Skittery Explosion Unit.

The Creep is effectively a landmine on legs, and has no legal residential or commercial use. Even attempts to get it approved for home use at the height of the Paranoia of the 30s proved ineffective, as their lack of durability and propensity toward extreme property damage made them unsustainable for long-term use. Once a landmine, always a landmine.

Beta Lore (unlocked by killing Beta variants)[]

Initial attempts to break into the residential market failed, but the Corp didn't give up there. We next attempted to reclassify the everyday Creep as a hybrid Home Security and Child's Toy in the wake of the Peng line's success, but we were met with heavy resistance by the Child's Toy Approval Board, citing high levels of fear and nausea in selected Friendliness Test participants.

Gamma Lore (unlocked by killing Gamma variants)[]

In the end, the Creep will always be a one-time-use exploder, so we doubled down on that. In preparation for Site testing, Development produced advanced models that are harder to stop and explode with substantially more aplomb, resulting in increased flamespew density. Early Gamma tests indicate that the resulting explosion is nearly undodgeable, forcing would-be Omega-class Contractors to find another way to avoid the searing flames.