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Death Lotus
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Prince of Petals

Death Lotus is one of the bosses you face in Vaculab. The boss is similar in appearance to a lotus flower while having bird-like facial features.

Boss Room[]

The room Death Lotus resides in is comprised of many holes from which he can appear, an anti-gravity plated ceiling, and several phasing platforms. At higher levels, the bottom floor can have two pits of toxic fluid, so it's highly advisable to watch your footing when facing off against this boss.


Mortar The signature move of Death Lotus and the weapon you can receive after defeating him. Death Lotus will usually fire 2 or 3 mortar shots at his current position, which travel in an arc before falling to the ground. Mortars will explode on contact with either the player or the ground.

Spiked Vines This is the move that proceeds Mortar. Death Lotus will spawn around 12 bulbs around himself that extend into spiked vines. The vines have a moderate reach from their original spawn point, so it's advisable to begin moving away from the boss the moment he uses this attack

Mini Lotus At higher levels, miniature flowers will spawn in a random hole, shooting 2 to 3 mortars at intervals. These flowers can be easily destroyed and Death Lotus will destroy any Mini Lotus at the hole he appears in.


Death Lotus is weak against Boomerang Blade. Attacking him with it will not only deal higher damage than normal but will also disrupt his Mortar attack. Be careful as this does not stop him from spawning his spiked vines


Death Lotus moves between the various holes in his room, spawning at a random hole each time. If you are playing as Nina and have the Star Beam or Forkalator, or if you have Boomerang Blade, it's advisable to remain on the anti-gravity ceiling while shooting at him when he appears. Otherwise, wait until he appears in one of the holes, then head to him and attack. Be wary of any mortars that he shoots and once he begins spawning his spiked vines, retreat to a safe distance immediately. It's also advisable to destroy any and all spawned mini lotuses as they will only cause trouble.

If you also have the Eternal Star's Shadespur, you can use it to solidify the temporary yellow platforms. This will make the battle much easier as you have more solid ground.


Alpha Lore (Level 1+ Kill)[]

Oxygenator Command Unit, built to control swarms of minor Oxygenator Units in the wake of the Space! Let's Go Carefully! Act of 2042.

Following the Persei Incident, it became painfully clear that installations employing large numbers of Lotus units needed a way to manage Site-wide oxygenation, and the Life Lotus line rose to handle that challenge.

Beta Lore (Level 5+ Kill)[]

As remote terminal access to most Lotus units is essentially impossible, the Life Lotus does its job by synchronizing the survival instinct routines of a given installation's Lotus units. As they're not capable of self-repair, accidental crew wipeout is an undesirable circumstance for a Lotus; by connecting survival routines, Lotus cohorts realize that over-oxygenation will ultimately lead to their own disrepair, and so behave as intended.

Gamma Lore (Level 8+ Kill)[]

Every Life Lotus is carefully constructed from the finest available parts, and so is rarely removed from production as the result of mechanical failure. Instead, the synchronicity AI in each Life Lotus tends to degrade over time, as the unit loses any sense of "identity" and instead becomes the sum of the Lotus units under its control. Repeated failure and repair of a Life Lotus' constituent Lotus parts eventually drives it from its core directive, and the resulting violence makes such units undesirable for commercial use. Control takes these rampant units for Site testing, viewing their Lotus-destruction-fueled-rage as a positive. The rename isn't particularly inventive, but it gets the point across.