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Dr. Brighton Sharp
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Duke of Development

Dr. Brighton Sharp is the boss in level 9 "Station, The Gateway".

Unlike the first eight bosses, defeating this boss spawns three Boss Chests by default instead of one; in exchange, the post-boss room only contains the Bonus Chest (if earned), the teleporter to the final level, and a harmless pet version of a Gamma Snomp.

Boss Room[]

The boss room is pretty simple, consisting of 7 platforms that the player can jump on.


Brighton's moveset consists of all previous bosses' signature attacks (apart from the Twin Astrals, which instead, he spawns a ball that creates a line of fire between them, similar to that battle).

Mortar The signature move of Death Lotus, however, Brighton will launch numerous mortars towards the player, instead of the three ones Death Lotus launches. Those will explode upon contact with the ground.

Vera The signature move of Perforator Alpha. Brighton will fire a small spread of Vera bullets at the player

Splinterfrost The signature move of Shatterbeak. Brighton will fire ice spikes towards the player, that upon contact with a wall will shatter into more spikes.

Shadespur The signature move of Eternal Star. Brighton will move towards the player, firing the projectile simultaneously.

Quint Laser Wall The signature move of Kur. At a third of his health, Brighton will convert one of his hands into a Kur head, which will signal the spawn of Quint Laser walls. From the time of the signal until Brighton is defeated, Quint Laser walls will spawn in sets of three

Mini Rollster Spawn At half his health, Brighton will spawn a Rollster wheel that travels around the room, similar to the boss it's named after.

Astral Link At half his health, Brighton will spawn a mini sun that travels around the stage, creating a beam between it and Brighton, similar to the Twin Astrals.

Manticore Spawn On occasion, Brighton will spawn a Manticore that supplies him with an invulnerability shield, similar to Vile Visage when he spawns enemies. It is necessary to destroy the Manticore first before attacking Brighton again

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Brighton Sharp doesn't appear to have a weakness in terms of damage received. However, each special weapon can neutralize Sharp's respective attack.


Brighton will stop at different corners of the boss room to execute his attacks. As Nina, you'll need to cautiously attack him as not to get hit by one of his attacks. As Ace, you'll want to go full force and as he reaches one of the corners, wall jump towards him and attack, but be ready to evade Eternal Star's moves when he uses them.


Alpha Lore (First Kill)[]

Dr. Brighton Sharp, Duke of Development and Lord of Life for the Corp.

Sharp's career has been prolific to the point where it's hard to believe we're talking about a single life of a single man, and his promotion to Development's top seat at the Project's inception twenty years ago surprised no one. In helming the fledgling Project, Sharp began his magnum opus: the design and creation of life capable of succeeding man himself.

Beta Lore (Second Kill)[]

Combining the pinnacle of the world's technologies with the Corp's secret SOULcapture methods, Sharp began to design the Natural Interface, built to instill something resembling free will in human-made constructs. Though these Units are incapable of proper function without their SOUL, it is easily captured upon Unit destruction for installation in a new body, effectively granting immortality as long as a supply of new bodies is available.

Gamma Lore (Third Kill)[]

Sharp is fully aware of the weaponization of his beloved creations. It took no convincing on behalf of the Board - no other organization on Earth is capable of providing the resources and technology necessary to bring his dreams to fruition, and what happens after he realizes his vision is of no interest to him. His love lies in the pursuit of greatness - at any cost. The Board has deemed Sharp's potential loss upon Project completion an acceptable risk.


  • If you destroy the pet Gamma Snomp, it will grant 8 soul chips.
    • The pet Gamma Snomp also has a ridiculously high amount of health, comparable to a boss.