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The player will encounter a variety of mechanical monstrosities as they traverse the vast Network. These enemies will attempt to damage and ultimately kill the player. Stronger variants of each enemy will appear as the player progresses through the game.

Bosses are upgraded versions of these garden-variety enemies, and are fought at the end of each level.

Note: This list is currently incomplete.

Name Description Location(s)
Arkor Standard autonomous fixed-position anti-aggression Unit which swivels back and forth, lobbing explosive shots. Skytemple
Blaster Aerial fixed-position defense Unit that shoots at threats. Agnisort
Bzzomb Floral Assistance Unit that dives toward threats and explodes. Agnisort Vaculab
Maceknight Riot Defense Unit that drops its shield and attacks when approached. Skytemple
Flapp Floaty fodder Unit that slowly flies into threats. Agnisort, Frostor, Skytemple, Vaculab
Spirit Spike Aeration Unit which sends out waves of spikes along the ground toward threats. Vaculab
Grome Construction Construct Unit that jumps around. Advanced variants shoot rockets. Vaculab
Lotus Oxygenator Unit which lashes out at threats. Vaculab
Maintcore Shielding Support Unit which wanders about aimlessly. Frostor
Peng Aerial Reconnaissance Unit which dashes toward threats in an attempt to ram them. Frostor
Rolly Rolling-based Generator Unit that rolls about aimlessly, occasionally jumping upward. Agnisort
Cloudbolt Mobile power delivery Unit which attempts to destroy threats by discharging bolts of electricity. Skytemple
Snomp Immobile environmental assault Unit that spits fire toward threats. Agnisort
Creep Skittery Explosion Unit which walks toward threats and explodes in a burst of flames. Frostor

Note: Enemies from other zones may be encountered inside of Glory Zones.

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