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Eternal Star
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Herald of Hope

Eternal Star is one of the bosses that resides in Sky Temple. The boss is like a larger Flapp, though more bat-like in appearance.

Boss Room[]

Eternal Star's room consists of several platforms the player can jump on.


Shadespur Eternal Star's signature attack. This attack utilizes Eternal Star's momentum and will move in the same direction as Eternal Star has moved.

Enemy Spawn Eternal Star will spawn several Flapps from its position and in the two top corners of the stage.

Bullet Wave Eternal Star may sometimes fire a 360-degree wave of bullets from its current position.


Eternal Star is weak to Force Nova. If this attack activates close to Eternal Star as it has Flapps around it, it will engage a chain explosion that deals considerable damage to the boss.


If Eternal Star comes as the starting boss, you'll want, as Nina, to take distance and fire and ensure you are not surrounded by Flapps or by Eternal Star itself, allowing the player to jump around it and keep attacking without taking damage. As Ace, you must go full force, dealing charged blows until it starts spawning Flapps. Then, it is recommended to take some distance and destroy the incoming Flapps before proceeding. If the player is in possession of Force Nova, they'll want to wait for the Flapps to spawn, to start the chain explosion that will deal considerable damage to the boss.


Alpha Lore (Level 1+ Kill)[]

Aerial Skylord Unit, built to keep the ailing Skytemple structures afloat.

Eternal Star's sole purpose is to be a living support Unit for its built-in Inorganic Antigravity Device, which helps keep the unstable Skytemple from becoming a Groundtemple. When attacked, it defends itself with tiny Flapp helpers and its deadly Shadespur attack, which weaponizes its momentum to delete unsuspecting Contractors.

Beta Lore (Level 5+ Kill)[]

The risks involved in creating the Skytemple proving facilities outweighed their benefits the moment the Corp no longer needed to hide its creations away, and the facilities were mostly abandoned. The Corp left their propulsion systems to burn out, knowing they could easily skirt the blame for the ensuing meteoric crash. AG tech has come a long way since their initial creation, though.

Gamma Lore (Level 8+ Kill)[]

Control submitted a formal request for a Guardian Unit with a built-in AG powerful enough to keep the remaining Skytemples afloat, citing the cost benefits of not having to reconstruct the necessary facilities for Contractor mobility testing. We love a challenge; Eternal Star was born. We highly recommend against personnel entering a Skytemple facility with an inactive Star; destroyed Stars are to be rebuilt or replaced as soon as possible.