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Flapp is an enemy found frequently in all levels.


Alpha Lore (unlocked by killing Alpha variants)[]

Floaty fodder unit.

Originally conceived as an automated tool to combat global warming, the Floating Local Air Propulsion and Production unit was built to detect sources of heat from vast distances, then use their wings as portable air circulation devices. FLAPP became an instant hit among heat-sensitive Corp facility managers, breaking previous Unit preorder records by a factor of two.

Beta Lore (unlocked by killing Beta variants)[]

The Corp's sales pitch for the FLAPP line tactically omitted details that, under standard operating conditions, FLAPP units output forty times more heat than they're capable of relieving. By the time this became common knowledge, the damage had been done. No new FLAPPs were produced, but sales had already exceeded preorders. The Corp moved responsibility for the Unit's design onto a nameless subcorp, which it then promptly sued out of existence for its "role" in the FLAPP's product lifecycle. The lesson is clear: never preorder anything.

Gamma Lore (unlocked by killing Gamma variants)[]

Site testing reveals that with a few trivial modifications, FLAPP units serve as excellent basic Contractor Training Units, and again entered mass production, including the development of mildly irritating more powerful models for advanced training. Corporate projections estimate acceptable losses per obliterated unit, with high ROI forecasts if the Project meets with success.