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This item is a Power.
Force Nova
All Characters
Boss Reward Releases a shockwave in a circle around the user, erasing most projectiles and dealing damage to any enemy caught in the blast. The only projectile it cannot block is Kur's Quint Laser.
If used on a Boltpair in Skytemple, it will be destroyed - preventing it from firing its laser.
When used to kill the Flapps summoned by Eternal Star, they will explode, damaging any enemy nearby and bypassing boss invulnerability frames. This explosion can chain to other enemies it kills.
Release a shockwave, crushing foes and blocking shots!
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1
Blocks Projectiles
Damage Multipliers
0.75x (Eternal Star Flapp Explosion)
Owlhawk Set Bonus Enemies killed by the Power now explode, causing the enemy to emit a Force Nova attack themselves which will damage any enemy around it. The explosion will chain to other enemies it kills.