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Frostor is an abandoned facility in a desolate, icy wasteland. Now only inhabited by killer machines. Like jet-propelled penguins and lots of exploding spiders. Despite its corroding state, the facility has many defensive mechanisms that are still online, but have gone rogue and will attack only Nina and Ace as they try to make their way through the facility.


Picture Hazard Name Description
Frostor Spikes.png Icy Spikes Spikes litter the floor, walls and ceiling surfaces of the facility. Coming into contact with them will instantly do damage.
Frostor Slippery Slope.png Slippery Slope A lot of the Center's slopes are frozen over, which may make it difficult to avoid enemy attacks, or cause players to slip and slide into other hazards and off ledges into bottomless pits.
Agnisort-Flame-Spewer Animated.gif Flame Spewer Ironically, Frostor has flame spewer traps as well, which coming into contact with the fire will deal damage. These appear only rarely, though.
Frostor Liquid.png Chilling Liquid Like most other stages, Frostor also has some liquid that is icy cold, which will deal damage and teleport Nina or Ace on the last solid surface they stood on if they fall into it like all other liquids.
Frostor-Architects-Animated.gif Architect The Architects are Frostor's primary trap. They fire once Nina or Ace are in direct line-of-sight after a brief delay and will appear everywhere including in challenge and boss rooms at higher levels.
Frostor-Frosty-Assassin Animated.gif Frosty Assassin The Frosty Assassins is a defense mechanism that gradually locks onto Ace or Nina before firing. The player can hide in safe zones to lose their lock-on until they exit it. The lock-on is also temporarily lost whenever receiving alternate sources of damage.
20XX Transporter Closed.gif Transporter These portal devices are paired with another device that can teleport you back and forth between the two that are linked. While these can be helpful in aiding Nina or Ace in going throughout the frozen center and don't bring harm directly, caution must be taken to not take one that will just drop you off into a pit of spikes or into a bottomless abyss below, or even into an enemy ambush. When you approach one, the portal will open up, along with the one it is paired to, so the player can see where it leads before entering them.