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Heart Container
Heart Container.png
Max health +2.
Type Augment
Unlock Cost 5 Soul Chips
Shop Cost 25 Nuts
+2 Maximum Health

Heart Container is an augment. When obtained, it increases the player's maximum health by 2. The health increase will be filled health pips, also effectively providing a little bit of healing.

It can be found as a drop from Gold Chests. It can also be found in Shops with a price of 25 Nuts.


  • Like all health increases, Heart Container works well with any augment which scales with maximum health, like Thorned Hull and Earthmetal Plating.
  • Increasing maximum health can also be used to reduce the penalty for getting hit when under the effects of Contractor Beta.


  • Heart Container is one of only two augments which can appear when the Final Destination skull is active. The other one is the Potato Battery.
  • Heart Container was one of the augments shown on the original kickstarter page for 20XX (then known as Echoes of Eridu), where it appears as a human heart inside a glass container.