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The Gatekeeper

Kur is one of two bosses found in the Skytemple. Kur is a Dragonoid robot approximately twice the size of Nina/Ace.

Boss Room

Kur's room has 4 platforms: one near the top of the room, two along the middle, and one near the bottom. Other than this edition, the room is pretty basic.


Quint Laser Kur's signature attack as well as the reward for defeating him. A large neon square slowly floats in a direction, exploding upon impact with the player or enemy. Kur will either fire it in a spread or as a wall. Note: The Armatort Arm core will not neutralize this attack

Sword Charge Kur generates a sword from one of his hands and charges along the bottom of the room to the other side.

Fire Pillars Kur changes his hands to cones and fires a row of short pillars of fire that travel along the bottom of the room.

Flame Spread Kur fires a spread of fireballs that target the player, usually twice in a row and in sets of three


Kur is vulnerable to Vera. While Kur does take increased damage with Vera, firing it on a Quint Laser square will return the square to Kur, dealing the most optimal damage


Kur is very predictable but can move pretty fast, so always be wary. If the player is Nina or if any long-ranged weapon has been earned, it's highly recommended to fire from the other side of the room. Otherwise, playing as Ace, you will need to implement hit-and-run tactics. Be prepared to jump on the platforms if Kur uses any of his attacks. Sword Charge and Fire Pillars are easily avoided if standing on the bottom platform. If Kur uses Flame Spread, you will need to move to lead the attack away from your planned destination. In regards to the Quint Laser walls, there is a gap coinciding with one of the three sets of platforms that the player can step into without taking damage, but if Vera has been received, simply stand in the opposite bottom corner of Kur and fire Vera when there is ideally two walls spawned to send two squares back to Kur. You can also use Vera on the Quint Laser spread, sending even more squares back to Kur.


Alpha Lore (Level 1+ Kill)

Hardened Soldier Unit. A forgotten guardian, built in a bygone age.

In the Corp's heyday as a military subcontractor, its Skytemple facilities were the ultimate secret proving grounds for its creations. Development built a single Gatekeeper unit to thwart intruders, and for Kur's entire intended service lifetime, one Gatekeeper was enough. For all but the innermost eyes, every last Skytemple facility has been decommissioned permanently.

Beta Lore (Level 5+ Kill)

For decades, Kur's gears continued to spin forgotten, languishing in the high quiet of the abandoned Skytemple facilities. When Control finally repurposed them as Site testing grounds, Kur did not require new orders; the fresh song of battle served as his revitalizing symphony. He began work anew as though no time had passed at all. His thrill comes from the battle itself; victory for victory's sake means nothing to him.

Gamma Lore (Level 8+ Kill)

When it came time to begin the design phase of the project, we scoured every previous piece of Corp tech we could for salvageable functions as a starting point for our Contractor models. Kur possessed none. His blade weaponry is out of date, his giant cube beam is unbearably slow, and flame breath is nothing to write home about. A personality development team spent years attempting to unlock the secret of his unwavering devotion and sense of duty but failed.

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