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Minimech O. Grinder
Minimech O Grinder.png
A friendly guardian orbits you, deflecting attacks.
Type Repro
Unlock Cost 7 Soul Chips
Shop Cost 25 Nuts

Minimech O. Grinder is a Repro. When obtained, it slowly orbits around the user. Any enemy projectiles which hit the Repro will be blocked. Up to 8 Minimech O. Grinders can be obtained at once - any more obtained will just give the user 25 Nuts instead.

It can be found as a drop from Gold Chests. It can also be found in Shops with a price of 25 Nuts.


  • Like all Repros, Splintering Twinifier works exceptionally well as it doubles the amount of Repros (or Nuts) obtained.


  • Minimech O. Grinder is a kickstarter backer item, added by user ChaosD1 as a subtle nod to his YouTube show, MMO Grinder.
    • Minimech O. Grinder is actually not the item's full name - it was originally Miniature Mechanical Orbital Grinder, but had to be shortened for the full release.
  • The design of Minimech O. Grinder takes inspiration from the Maintcore enemies as well as the horn of Vile Visage.