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This item is a Power.
All Characters
Boss Reward Fires an arcing red bomb, which explodes when it hits a solid object or an enemy that it doesn't immediately kill. When it explodes, it deals damage in an area around it.
When fired near a hive in Frostor, it will quickly home in and will destroy it instantly.
When used on Vile Visage while he's shielding, his horn will break and he will become unable to shield throughout the rest of the fight.
Fires an arcing blast that explodes on contact!
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1
Pierces Shields
Damage Multipliers
4.0x (8.0x VS Vile Visage)
40 (Explosion, 40 VS Vile Visage)
Owlhawk Set Bonus Now fires a giant blue bomb which deals 6.0x Power Strength on contact. When it explodes, it fires 5 regular red bombs upwards.