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A friendly blaster orbits you, attacking foes.
Type Repro
Unlock Cost 11 Soul Chips
Shop Cost 30 Nuts

Murderdrone is a Repro. When obtained, it trails behind the user, firing projectiles at enemies in a radius around itself. Each projectile deals damage equivalent to 1.0x the user's attack strength. If multiple are obtained, the Repro will instead level up, gaining +50% damage and fire rate.

It can be found as a drop from Gold Chests. It can also be found in Shops with a price of 30 Nuts.


  • Like all Repros, Splintering Twinifier works exceptionally well as it doubles the amount of Repros obtained.
  • As Murderdrone scales with attack strength, any augments which increase attack strength will also increase the power of Murderdrone.


  • Despite the tooltip saying that Murderdrone orbits the player, it actually trails behind them. In previous versions of 20XX, Murderdrone orbited the player, but the tooltip was never updated.
  • Murderdrone was renamed during the development of 20XX. It was originally called Shootypuff Jr.
  • The design of Murderdrone appears to be based on the Blaster enemies in Agnisort, as well as Perforator Alpha.