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Ninja Sash
Ninja Sash.png
Increases your speed! Gotta go fast.
Type Augment
Unlock Cost Unlocked from the start.
Shop Cost 12 Nuts
+2 Run Speed

Ninja Sash is an augment. When obtained, it increases the player's run speed by 2.

It can be found as a drop from Gold Chests. It can also be found in Shops with a price of 12 Nuts.

After defeating a standard boss, there's a chance for one of the choice rewards to be a Ninja Sash.


  • The damage dealt by Oxjack's Ken increaases with the player's run speed stat.


  • Ninja Sash is one of only five augments which can appear as part of the boss choice rewards. The other four are Life Extender, Potato Battery, Strongarm Band and Reclaimed Spark.
  • Ninja Sash was one of the augments shown on the original kickstarter page for 20XX (then known as Echoes of Eridu). It had a very similar appearance to its current style.
  • The image for Ninja Sash bears a resemblance to the headband worn by Naruto, though the symbol on the headband is replaced by a rocket.
  • The description for Ninja Sash references the intro song to Sonic X, where the term "Gotta go fast" is said repeatedly.