Powers are special items which can be acquired from defeating most Bosses. These can be used with the {Power 1}, {Power 2}, {Power 3} keys. Hawk gains an additional Power slot, which can be used with the {Power 4/Dracocharge} key.

Collecting a Power using one of the Power keys binds the new power to the corresponding slot, while using the {Interact} button to collect it will instead bind it to the leftmost slot which does not already have a power bound to it - if all three slots already have powers bound to them, the new power will be collected and stored in one of the 5 inactive reserve slots. The Player cannot carry more than 8 Powers at a time.

In the pause menu, the {Confirm} key can be used to move acquired powers into and out of the main Power slots, allowing players to utilize more than 3 Powers in a run. (Note: bringing up the pause menu does not pause the game in online co-op play, making power switching a potential liability in these conditions.)

Combat, utility and boss-weakness effects of powers are initially the only active effects. Juiced power effects, which often override some aspects of existing effects, are granted by the Owlhawk, the Wise set bonus.

Boss Powers

Boomerang Blade Boss Chest.png Fires a spinning blade forward, which halts after traveling a moderate distance, then returns the way it came.
If the blade collides with a Pickup, the player will instantly collect it. This also refunds the energy cost of the Power.
When used on Death Lotus, his Mortar attack will be interrupted, stunning him for a time.
Throws an 8-directional blade!
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1
Pierces Foes
Can Be Aimed (8 Directions)
Damage Multipliers
2.0x (4.0x VS Death Lotus)
Owlhawk Bonus.png Now fires three blades. The two extra blades are fired at 45-degree angles, like Forkalator.

Flameshield Boss Chest.png Causes 4 fireballs to orbit the user, each capable of blocking a single projectile or dealing damage to a single enemy.
If a icicle shot from an Ice Architect hits the flameshield, it will be blocked without consuming the fireball.
When used on Rollster Beta, his ricochet attack will be interrupted, stunning him in place for a time.
Flames encircle you, blocking shots and slaying foes!
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1
Blocks Projectiles
Damage Multipliers
2.0x (4.0x VS Rollster Beta)
Owlhawk Bonus.png Summons 8 fireballs instead of 4.

Force Nova.png
Force Nova Boss Chest.png Releases a shockwave in a circle around the user, erasing most projectiles and dealing damage to any enemy caught in the blast. The only projectile it cannot block is Kur's Quint Laser.
If used on a Boltpair in Skytemple, it will be destroyed - preventing it from firing its laser.
When used to kill the Flapps summoned by Eternal Star, they will explode, damaging any enemy nearby and bypassing boss invulnerability frames. This explosion can chain to other enemies it kills.
Release a shockwave, crushing foes and blocking shots!
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1
Blocks Projectiles
Damage Multipliers
0.75x (Eternal Star Flapp Explosion)
Owlhawk Bonus.png Enemies killed by the Power now explode, causing the enemy to emit a Force Nova attack themselves which will damage any enemy around it. The explosion will chain to other enemies it kills.

Mortar Boss Chest.png Fires an arcing red bomb, which explodes when it hits a solid object or an enemy that it doesn't immediately kill. When it explodes, it deals damage in an area around it.
When fired near a hive in Frostor, it will quickly home in and will destroy it instantly.
When used on Vile Visage while he's shielding, his horn will break and he will become unable to shield throughout the rest of the fight.
Fires an arcing blast that explodes on contact!
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1
Pierces Shields
Damage Multipliers
4.0x (8.0x VS Vile Visage)
40 (Explosion, 40 VS Vile Visage)
Owlhawk Bonus.png Now fires a giant blue bomb which deals 6.0x Power Strength on contact. When it explodes, it fires 5 regular red bombs upwards.

Quint Laser.png
Quint Laser Boss Chest.png Fires a very large square which very slowly moves forward and pierces through any enemy it kills. On contact with a solid object, an enemy it cannot kill or after about 10 seconds, the shot will dissipate. Can be charged, increasing the projectile's size, speed and damage, but also its Energy cost.
When a Level 3 shot hits a vending machine, it will be destroyed, spilling out its contents.
When used against Shatterbeak, it will interrupt his screen-filling icicle attack.
The bullet is enormous. There is no escaping.
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1/2/3
Can be Charged (+2 Levels)
Damage Multipliers
5.0x (10.0x VS Shatterbeak)
+50% per Charge Level
Owlhawk Bonus.png Shots fired gain +2 Charge. Regular shots will be fired at Level 3, and fully charged shots will be fired at Level 5.

Shadespur Boss Chest.png Fires a piercing crystal using the contractor's current speed and direction of travel. The shot is stationary if the contractor uses it while standing still.
When used on the phasing platforms in Vaculab, they will become stuck and will no longer phase in and out.
When used against Perforator, she will move back to the center of the arena and use her rotary attack (?) and then it can be used again to interrupt the rotary attack.
A jagged crystal inherits your momentum to smash foes.
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1
Pierces Walls and Foes
Can Be Aimed (Any Direction)
Damage Multipliers
(4.0x VS Perforator)
Owlhawk Bonus.png Now fires 2 extra crystals, fired at a 90-degree angle difference from the first.

Splinterfrost Boss Chest.png Fires a large ice shard which splits into a semicircle of small ice shards upon impact with a solid object or enemy. Can be aimed diagonally, but not directly up or down.
When used on the Flamespewers in Agnisort, they will freeze and become unable to fire.
When used on the Sun Astral, he will become frozen and unable to fire. No extra effect on the Moon Astral, other than extra damage.
Launches a jagged ice shard that fans out on contact.
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1
Can Ce Aimed (6 Directions)
Damage Multipliers
4.0x (Direct, 7.2x VS Twin Astrals)
2.0x (Shards, 3.6x VS Twin Astrals)
Owlhawk Bonus.png Now splits into a full circle of small ice shards upon contact, instead of a semicircle.

Vera Boss Chest.png Fires a stream of bright yellow shots, each damaging an enemy individually. Shots fired from this weapon do not trigger boss invulnerability frames. Regular enemies hit by the weapon get pushed back as they're hit.
When aiming down while firing, the user will be propelled upwards - allowing them to fly as long as they have Energy to fire the weapon.
When used on Kur's Quint Laser attack, it will be reflected back at him.
Shoots mostly straight, and super fast.
Shots per Second: 25
Energy per Shot: 0.1
Can Auto-Fire
Can Be Aimed (4 Directions)
Damage Multipliers
0.6x (0.3x VS Bosses)(0.1x VS Kur)
3.0x (Quint Laser Reflection)
Owlhawk Bonus.png Vera now fires twice as many bullets per second. Energy cost per second is unaffected.

Hawk's Powers

Blastjump Diamond Chest.png
Boss Chest.png
Creates an explosion at Hawk's feet, damaging enemies in a large radius and launching her upward.
Explode to new heights!
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1
Damage Multipliers
(Scales with Jump Icon.png )
Owlhawk Bonus.png Greatly increases the height of the jump. The jump now lasts longer than the cooldown, meaning Hawk can use the Power to fly upwards.

Protorifle Icon-Hawk.png Rapidly fires a somewhat innacurate spray of bullets forwards.
Low damage output and somewhat high energy usage, but allows Hawk to attack at range.
Fires inefficiently, slowly, and badly.
Shots per Second: 8
Energy per Shot: 0.25
Ignores Boss I-Frames
Damage Multipliers
0.7x (Normal)
0.42x (Boss)
Owlhawk Bonus.png Fires like a shotgun, with 5 shots per burst. Still fires 8 times per second. Individual projectile damage halved.

Seeking Striker.png
Seeking Striker Diamond Chest.png
Boss Chest.png
Releases a missile which takes a small moment to arm itself, then flies straight forward at the nearest enemy.
If the nearest enemy is behind a wall, the missile will hit the wall instead.
Auto-aims when fired; does not possess true homing, so it often misses moving targets.
Locates your enemies, then blows them up!
Shots per Second: 4
Energy per Shot: 0.5
Damage Multipliers
Owlhawk Bonus.png Seeking Striker releases four missiles at once, each dealing normal damage.

Wildfire Diamond Chest.png
Boss Chest.png
Lobs a short-range flask which quickly falls downwards. Upon hitting a surface or an enemy it doesn't kill, it will break into flames. The flames travel along the ground for a brief time, damaging enemies on contact.
Combusts into a ground-seeking line of death!
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1
Damage Multipliers
4.0x (Flask Hit)
3.0x (Flames)
Owlhawk Bonus.png The fire spawned by the flask is larger and deals damage twice as fast.

World Igniter.png
World Igniter Diamond Chest.png
Boss Chest.png
Releases a short-range stream of fire, rapidly consuming energy but also rapidly destroying enemies.
Leave nothing but ashes!
Shots per Second: 16
Energy per Shot: 0.4
Can Be Aimed (4 Directions)
Damage Multipliers
2.0x (Normal)
1.0x (Boss)
Owlhawk Bonus.png Flames are larger, and fire twice as quickly. Energy cost per second is not affected.
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