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This item is a Power.
Quint Laser
All Characters
Boss Reward Fires a very large square which very slowly moves forward and pierces through any enemy it kills. On contact with a solid object, an enemy it cannot kill or after about 10 seconds, the shot will dissipate. Can be charged, increasing the projectile's size, speed and damage, but also its Energy cost.
When a Level 3 shot hits a vending machine, it will be destroyed, spilling out its contents.
When used against Shatterbeak, it will interrupt his screen-filling icicle attack.
The bullet is enormous. There is no escaping.
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1/2/3
Can be Charged (+2 Levels)
Damage Multipliers
5.0x (10.0x VS Shatterbeak)
+50% per Charge Level
Owlhawk Set Bonus Shots fired gain +2 Charge. Regular shots will be fired at Level 3, and fully charged shots will be fired at Level 5.