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Rollster Beta
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Roll Free or Die

Rollster Beta is one of two bosses found in Agnisort. The boss is a rodent-looking robot that rides a bladed monocycle.


Alpha Lore (Level 1+ Kill)[]

Bounce-based Generator Unit, brought to production using funding from the Energy Alternatives Act of 2036 to truly master the "hamster running on a wheel" form of power generation.

Touted as the world's first "wheel-based" power source, early Rollster models were so successful that the Corp elected not to sell them on the open market, instead hoarding them for internal use as a source of competitive advantage in the vicious, power-intensive Home Security market.

Beta Lore (Level 5+ Kill)[]

When Rollster's revolutionary rolling-based generation secrets inevitably leaked, the Corp responded to would-be profiteer-startups by mass-producing Rollster Alpha units and selling them on the open market at anti-competitive prices, effectively blocking outside Rollster development by guaranteeing a negative return on investment. The Corp's internal politics are confusing; it's not clear why the Board chose to use its scale benefits to lock competitors out of the market entirely, rather than sell the extremely useful units at a modest markup.

Gamma Lore (Level 8+ Kill)[]

Rollster involvement in the Project was inevitable. While it was first utilized as a mobile, discreet Facility power source, a disruption caused by accidental Rollster emancipation showed exceptional combat durability and speed. Development began adding rotational spikes and an impact-based Blade Launcher to decommissioned generator Alpha models, and the Rollster Beta was born.