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Icy Avenger

Shatterbeak is one of two bosses found in Frostor. It is a penguin robot that is able to dash through the air.

Boss Room[]

Shatterbeak's room is similar to Kur's room where there are 4 platforms to jump on: One near the top, two around the middle, and one near the bottom. At higher levels, icicle shooters may be adorned on either side of the stage.


Splinterfrost Shatterbeak's signature move and the power received when it is defeated. Shatterbeak will fire an icicle that when it impacts a wall, will explode into several smaller icicles that travel in the 4 diagonal directions

Splinterfrost Dash A variant of Splinterfrost and the most common attack. Shatterbeak will spawn four icicles from one of the corners before dashing to a different corner. Note that the trajectory is randomized between the cardinal directions (up, down, left, and right) and the diagonal directions.

Splinterfrost Blizzard Another variant of Splinterfrost, and the most dangerous one. Shatterbeak spawns a wall of icicles that start from either wall, the ceiling, or the floor and 3 ice cubes. After a few seconds, the wall of icicles will travel straight across to the other side but if an ice cube is in front, will stop at the ice cube as opposed to the opposite side.


Shatterbeak is vulnerable to Quint Laser. Attack it with any level of Quint Laser will cancel Shatterbeak out of any attack excluding Splinterfrost Dash


Shatterbeak's movement is limited to the floor, ceiling, and both walls, so it is advised to stay in the center, traveling to a different platform if a Splinterfrost icicle is player-bound. Shatterbeak will always be dashing around until it decides to attack the player with either Splinterfrost or Splinterfrost Blizzard. If the player chose Nina, it's recommended to have a Buster with a spread like the Forkalator, Scatterblast, or Star Beam. Otherwise, it's recommended to wait until Shatterbeak has stopped attacking the player. If Twin Astrals has been defeated and the player chose to take Flame Shield, it's recommended to use it to protect from icicle projectiles as the flames will not disappear if an icicle hits them. During Splinterfrost Blizzard, pay attention to which wall the icicles are on and where the ice cubes are, then take proper cover to ensure you are not hit by the icicles. If you have the Quint Laser, simply fire it at Shatterbeak during the preparation of Splinterfrost Blizzard.


Alpha Lore (Level 1+ Kill)[]

Polar Reconnaissance Champion Unit.

Shatterbeak is a military answer to a civilian problem, built as a highly mobile Facility guardian capable of operating at sub-zero temperatures. As it flies from point to point, its unique ColdScoop mechanism stores frost energy that it then solidifies and launches at unsuspecting trespassers. It contains no target identification mechanism of any kind, and as such is only deployed to fully autonomous Facilities with no organic personnel.

Beta Lore (Level 5+ Kill)[]

When the Corp acquired the Peng line for military conversion, Arlan made an uncharacteristically large fuss about its weaponization being handled directly by Control, instead of letting Development do its job. I'd normally have given him some static about it, but with the Project in full swing, we're more than happy to have one less job off our hands. From what I saw of its development over our early Project heads-up meetings, his subordinates seem to be pushing themselves more tirelessly than I knew ordinary Corp drones could. Such spirit!

Gamma Lore (Level 8+ Kill)[]

Shatterbeak has no long-term memory of any kind, but if it did, one has to wonder if it'd behave any differently. When visiting Control's central office, I often find Flat lost in thought, staring into the monitor beaming Shatterbeak's facility into his otherwise dark office. In those moments, there's a softness to his face that I never, ever see otherwise - it tells me more than I think he knows he could say. Even so, I can't tell if I'm seeing the gentle, quiet pride of a creator or the surface of an ocean of regret.