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This item is a Power.
All Characters
Boss Reward Fires a large ice shard which splits into a semicircle of small ice shards upon impact with a solid object or enemy. Can be aimed diagonally, but not directly up or down.
When used on the Flamespewers in Agnisort, they will freeze and become unable to fire.
When used on the Sun Astral, he will become frozen and unable to fire. No extra effect on the Moon Astral, other than extra damage.
Launches a jagged ice shard that fans out on contact.
Shots per Second: 1
Energy per Shot: 1
Can Ce Aimed (6 Directions)
Damage Multipliers
4.0x (Direct, 7.2x VS Twin Astrals)
2.0x (Shards, 3.6x VS Twin Astrals)
Owlhawk Set Bonus Now splits into a full circle of small ice shards upon contact, instead of a semicircle.