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System Restore
System Restore.png
Cures you of any already-acquired Prototype penalties.
Type Augment
Unlock Cost 25 Soul Chips
Shop Cost 40 Nuts
Appears once per run.
Pickup messages are unique to each Prototype.

System Restore is an augment. When obtained, any prototype augments the player currently has will lose their negative effects. Depending on the Prototype, this can have wildly different results. If the player has not yet picked up a prototype augment, it has no effect. Prototype augments obtained after picking up System Restore will not have their negative effects removed.

It can be found as a very rare drop from Gold Chests. It can also be found very rarely in Shops with a price of 40 Nuts.

It will not appear until a prototype augment has already appeared during the run, either somewhere on the current level or any previous level.


  • Brutish Augmentation - Allows the player to use Powers again, and restores any maximum energy that was taken away.
  • Consuming Fury - Stops the player from losing maximum health at the start of every level.
  • Contractor Beta - Removes the potential damage penalty. The minimum damage caused by the aug will be 100% of the player's current strength.
  • Defiant Decree - Bosses will no longer have increased maximum health.
  • Earthmetal Plating - Restores any attack strength and power strength that was taken away.
  • Final Shell - Restores any lost maximum health that was taken away.
  • Focusing Sagelens - Restores any lost attack strength that was taken away.
  • Hysteria - The player no longer takes increased damage.
  • Interesting Times - The player no longer has a random stat penalty at the start of every level. Random stat bonuses at the start of every level are still revoked when the level ends.
  • Kingseeker - The player can heal through normal means again.
  • Patchwork Integrator - Removes the damage penalty.
  • Sanity Converter - Maximum energy no longer gets drained and power strength no longer gets increased upon using Powers. Does not restore any lost maximum energy.
  • Uncharging Force - The player can charge their weapon again.
  • Violence Enhancer - The player no longer takes increased damage.
  • Vitality Partitioner - Restores any lost maximum health that was taken away.
  • Zookeeper's Burden - The player is able to attack and use Powers again.