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Twin Astrals
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Forged in Flames

Twin Astrals are a pair of bosses faced in Vaculab. The Bosses' appearances are two mechanical primates, one with a yellow and orange coloration and sun motifs and the other with a white and purple coloration and moon motifs

Boss Room[]

The boss room is pretty simple in design, consisting of three thin platforms, a number of falling platforms, and an anti-gravity ceiling.


Flame Shield The obtainable move for the player. The twins spawn four flames that circle around themselves. This can damage the player if too close and can block any projectile, but only once per flame.

Spread Fire One or both of the twins shoot a spread of fireballs. While easy to slip through the spread, it is shot in an alternating fashion.

Homing Fire One (rarely both) of the twins fires a flame that will follow the player. The flame will disappear after coming into contact with the player or when a certain amount of time passes.

Astral Link While the twins are teleporting, an energy beam spawns between them, causing damage to the player should they be in its trajectory.


Both twins are weak against Splinterfrost. While the sun twin is the only one that freezes over completely, both twins take increased damage from Splinterfrost


The twins tend to teleport all over the map, not really having a particular pattern but their destination is shown by the yellow ring that spawns before they teleport. They will then follow up with a Flame Shield and will either use Spread Fire or Homing Fire. If you've obtained Splinterfrost, it's advisable to take care of the moon twin first since it will not freeze over when attacked, but still takes heightened damage. Otherwise, begin destroying one of the twins' shields and attack that twin. Be wary if they use a homing fire as you will need to lead it away until it disappears. Also, at higher levels, you will need to defeat both twins within the space of 10 seconds otherwise the defeated twin will revive with the same amount of health as the active twin


Alpha Lore (Level 1+ Kill)[]

Twin Guardians of the Jungle Station, bound by undisclosed technology.

Affectionately known to developer insiders as the Touhou Twins, the Astrals eternally stand guard and await challengers. Their powerful Flameshield protects them from projectile harm, and as long as both Twins live, a nigh-unbreakable life tether connects the two. When threatened, the pair have the ability to synchronously teleport, and the energy collected from the evasive action allows them to endlessly re-supply their onboard weaponry.

Beta Lore (Level 5+ Kill)[]

When the Board greenlit the Project, the Twins were selected for site duty and further development for their teleportation potential. Setting up each Contractor with an extreme trauma safety valve allows Contractors to survive otherwise fatal falls, which the Board recognizes as a no-brainer feature when each Contractor model costs as much as it does. When this technology was perfected, development on the Astrals ceased immediately, but they remain as a study case in failed SOULcapture tech.

Gamma Lore (Level 8+ Kill)[]

The Twins were a stepping stone. To examine the possibility that multiple Units could be controlled by a single SOUL, we designed one Astral, imbued it with a SOUL, and then attempted to repeat the exact same procedure with a second body and an attempted copy of the first SOUL. The procedure was a failure; instead of two autonomous Units, or even one conjoined Unit, the end result is two distinct Units with no will of any kind. Any attempt at copying SOUL results in fragmentation and dissolution. To make use of the remaining weaponized bodies, we installed some basic assault AI in both Twins, and let them continue to stand guard.