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This item is a Power.
All Characters
Boss Reward Fires a stream of bright yellow shots, each damaging an enemy individually. Shots fired from this weapon do not trigger boss invulnerability frames. Regular enemies hit by the weapon get pushed back as they're hit.
When aiming down while firing, the user will be propelled upwards - allowing them to fly as long as they have Energy to fire the weapon.
When used on Kur's Quint Laser attack, it will be reflected back at him.
Shoots mostly straight, and super fast.
Shots per Second: 25
Energy per Shot: 0.1
Can Auto-Fire
Can Be Aimed (4 Directions)
Damage Multipliers
0.6x (0.3x VS Bosses)(0.1x VS Kur)
3.0x (Quint Laser Reflection)
Owlhawk Set Bonus Vera now fires twice as many bullets per second. Energy cost per second is unaffected.