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Vile Visage
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Pillar of Nightmares

Vile Visage is one of the bosses that reside in Frostor. The boss takes the form of a giant face that spans the entire height of the boss room.

Boss Room[]

Vile Visage's room is simple in construction, only having several thin platforms to step on. The boss itself occupies the right side of the screen.


Eyeball Shot Vile Visage's main form of attack. A blinking red eye will usually spawn where the attack is coming from. This can be from the boss's mouth, eyes, or forehead. This also dictates what kind of attack the shot will be. The mouth fires small spreads that aim from the bottom then to the top; the eyes fire a more complete wave of eyeballs straight ahead; the forehead shoots several eyes that fall to the ground after a certain distance.

Enemy Spawn Vile Visage can make several native Frostor enemies spawn in the boss room, typically Flapps or Pengs.

Teeth Spawn Much like the enemy spawn but instead, a set of rocket-propelled teeth which cast the move that Nina/Ace receives upon defeating the boss: Force Nova.

Energy Shield Whenever there are enemies in the boss room other than Vile Visage, it will cast an energy shield that greatly mitigates any damage it receives. The shield deactivates when all other enemies are destroyed.


Vile Visage is weak to Mortar. Firing Mortar while the energy shield is up grants increased damage and can also destroy its horn, therefore nullifying the shield altogether.


Vile Visage is not a very complex boss as he's always stationary, but if you do not have Mortar available, expect this fight to last longer than necessary. Vile Visage's weak spot is the flashing red eye that appears when performing his eyeball shot, so it's recommended to take as many shots at it as possible. Whenever enemies or a set of teeth spawn, those become a top priority in order to deactivate the shield. If you have the Quantum Spook augment, you can shoot through Vile Visage's shield. Simply ignore the enemies when he shields and keep shooting until he's dead, as he won't use any other attacks while shielded.


Alpha Lore (Level 1+ Kill)[]

Imposing Guardian Fixture, built to deny entry through the Corp's arctic datacenters.

Visage was not part of the original Siteplan but was hastily built from spare face parts by our team when a previous Guardian malfunctioned and left its facility node protectorless. Visage employs the apex of the Corp's defensive barrier technology and is capable of emitting parts of his body both as projectiles and as additional threats.

Beta Lore (Level 5+ Kill)[]

When it was revealed to the Board that Visage's predecessor managed to escape its assigned facility node, its immediate reaction was to ignore the incident entirely and demand a replacement be constructed by Development as soon as possible. Having already become deeply invested in the Project, Development's usual design resources were unavailable, and so the hastily-designed Visage was built as a completely immobile (and thus incapable of escape) replacement.

Gamma Lore (Level 8+ Kill)[]

Nobody could love a beast like this; let us dispel the notion that anyone on the Project has a close tie to this monstrosity. Even the minions it summons to its aid in battle hate being forced to do so, and in the event that it was to somehow sprout legs and run-off, I don't think anyone would mind. The Visage is loved so little that even after Development discovered its weakness to barrier-piercing projectiles, not a single team member suggested an iteration wave remove the defect.